mygotodoc makes it easy to safeguard you and your family, serving three important needs the wider medical community tends to ignore: (1) Disaster Preparedness Antibiotics Kit (D-PAK) to have on hand in case disaster strikes and prescription drugs are unavailable, (2) 1-month backup supplies of your regular medication, and (3) safe off-label COVID protocols designed for prevention and treatment.

Supply Chain

With the pandemic, we have seen unprecedented delays in supply lines. We no longer have domestic manufacturing of almost any medications, including and especially antibiotics. In fact, China has captured over 97 percent of the US market for antibiotics. In the setting of war, runaway inflation, and soaring gas prices, it’s easy to imagine an America where pharmacy shelves are bare, or still stocked but with huge price increases.

Bioterror & Cyber Attacks

With the threat of world war, bioterror and cyber attacks on vulnerable infrastructure, it’s time someone offered Americans an easy way to get backup supplies of their regular meds as well as emergency stockpiles of antibiotics and other lifesaving medication on hand. Heaven forbid, can we rely on the limited US strategic supply in case of another anthrax attack like we experienced in 2001?

Travel & Off-Grid

Often it’s incredibly difficult while traveling to secure refills of your crucial medications, or even to get a backup supply before you leave. Did you know your doctor back home can’t prescribe medication for you if you’re traveling out-of-state?

And we all know that getting medical care overseas can be confusing and difficult. Our founder experienced this for himself when refilling a parent’s crucial medication suddenly became much more difficult when traveling in Puerto Rico, even though it’s a US territory. What the pharmacy would refill immediately in the States, in Puerto Rico they required a local doctor’s Rx that was less than 48 hours old.

If you’re camping or hiking way off-grid, and a simple bite, cut or scrape gets infected, having medication on hand can mean the difference between cutting your vacation short or not, and depending on how far you are from a hospital or clinic, between life and death.

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