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mygotodocmygotostack, Lean Vitality, and PHOENIX Protocol help you get healthy, stay healthy, and prepare for anything! 


✔️Be sure you have your meds where and when you need them


✔️Get Dr. Haider’s Proven COVID and vaccine injury protocols


✔️Stock up on pandemic targeted & immunity boosting supplements 


✔️Get Long COVID and vaccine injury targeted health coaching


✔️Get functional weight loss with coaching, bloodwork, prescriptions & more


✔️Learn from industry experts with the Long COVID Reset Summit…and more!



Supply Chain

Your meds are imported. When supply chains break down, emergency backup meds save the day. And if disaster strikes, you’ll have meds on hand even When a doctor or pharmacy isn’t available.



Your own doc can’t even prescribe out of state, let alone overseas. Back-up meds equal peace of mind.


Off Grid

Work or play taking you off-the-grid? No nearby pharmacy? No problem. You’ve already got all the meds you need.


COVID / Vax / Bioterror

More than just COVID & Vax treatments. Be prepared for anthrax, plague, tularemia, and much more. Why trust the government? Keep your own low-cost stockpile.



Visiting the doctor's office takes a lot of time and usually exposes you to many sick people. Instead of that, use our simple protocols to address common problems like Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and UTIs.


Complicated Protocols

We offer expert health coaching to help you navigate lifestyle changes, supplement regimens, and intricate medication protocols. At our partner site, mygototack , we offer the core supplements recommended by the FLCCC.


Telehealth/Supplements/Health Coaching/Functional Medicine/Long COVID Reset Summit


Protect Yourself from Threats to your Health.

Get Dr. Syed Haider’s safe, proven COVID protocols, back up supply meds, preparedness protocols, general telehealth services, and more.


We offer asynchronous text-based consults, live 1-on-1 consults with Dr. Haider, and consults with our Health Coach


asynchronous text-based consultations, similar to email, starting at $115 for one request or protocol. Additional protocols cost $50 each.

Covid Services

Ivermectin /Vaccine Exemption Letters /Flu-RSV(Respiratory syncytial virus)/COVID Long Haul Syndrome or Vax Injury Protocol

Dr. Haider's ePharmacy

Shop prescription medications suited for treating a
variety of conditions.

Essential Med-Kits

Ensure you have lifesaving meds & antibiotics when and where you need them most!

Antibiotic Med-Kit

Our prescription antibiotics kit is designed to be kept on hand in case of a disaster.

BUS (Back-Up Supplies of your regularly prescribed Rx)

Up to a 6-week supply of your regular Rx, to be kept on hand for times when a doctor or pharmacy isn’t available.


Get various lab work recommendations and orders. The more we know, the easier it is to help you make informed decisions about your healthcare.

ED (erectile dysfunction) Meds

We understand ED can be difficult for both partners. Our experienced and compassionate team is happy to prescribe the best treatment plan for you or your partner.

UTI (urinary tract infections) Meds

We offer a full range of UTI treatments suited to any budget or condition


mygotostack/Fullscript/Other Recommend Products

mygotostack logo

Introducing mygotostack IMMUNITY [vitamins]

A specially formulated blend of 100% naturally sourced, GMP certified, vegan, non-GMO, immunity boosting ingredients:

  • Quercetin sourced from pagoda flowers
  • Bromelain sourced from pineapples
  • Pure Elemental Zinc
  • Vitamin C sourced from non-GMO vegetables
  • Vitamin D3 sourced from hand-harvested lichen
  • Vitamin K2 MK-7 sourced from natto (fermented Japanese superfood)
mygotostack supplements

Dr. Haider’s Recommended Supplements

Many of our patients ask where to buy the supplements listed in Dr. Haider’s Protocols and which brand he recommends.


mygotostack is your best source for consolidating core immunity supplements and more. Additionally, Dr. Haider has compiled a list of recommended specialty brands at his Fullscript store. Here you always get 10% off MSRP on physician-grade supplements.


Prevention Protocol


Treatment Protocol


Long Haul Protocol

post-vaccine supplements

Post-Vaccine Protocol

Goto Vitamins & Supplements


Other Recommended Products

Menthol inhale





Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

Health Coaching

1-on-1 & Group Health Coaching/Consultations/Courses

We have two different health coaching platforms— PHOENIX, for Long COVID & vaccine injury recovery.

Lean Vitality

Lean Vitality is an 8-week body transformation program with a dedicated health coach and optional prescriptions, blood work, and continuous glucose monitoring.

See what our program offers

✓  Access to our comprehensive 8-week course

 Detailed guides & worksheets

 Meal plan templates & progress trackers

✓  Weekly emails & group coaching calls

✓  Blood work & analysis

✓  Continuous glucose monitoring

✓  Prescriptions (if necessary)

Website speaker

Bethany Stewart,

Lean Vitality Health Coach

Phoenix Protocol logo

The PHOENIX Protocol is a new kind of health coaching platform. We use lifestyle medicine to help beat Long COVID and vaccine injury. PHOENIX can help you get your life back!

Dr. Syed Haider

Dr. Syed Haider,


Michelle Harvey

Michelle Harvey,

PHOENIX Health Coach

Functional Medicine

One-Time Consults/Subscription Packages/Free Weekly Q&A Livestreams with Dr. Ryan

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”

— Hippocrates

Many of our patients requested a Functional Medicine service to help treat Long COVID and vaccine injuries. mygotodoc functional medicine has all that and more!

It’s best to talk to our functional medicine specialist about your specific condition, but here’s a partial list of symptoms and conditions that functional medicine can help with:

  • Long COVID and vaccine-related symptoms
  • Lyme disease
  • mold toxicity
  • heavy metal detox
  • anti-aging consults
  • menopause management
  • hormone health

…and more.

Meet Dr. William “Ryan” Shelton

Website speaker

Hi there! I'm Dr. Ryan. I'm your Functional Medicine Specialist. It is my responsibility to ensure that you are healthy and well. I will work with you to create a personalized plan. I'll empower you to make informed decisions about your health. Thank you for entrusting me with your care. Join Me live, every Tuesday (give or take) on Facebook, YouTube and Rumble for a free functional medicine Q&A. Hope to see you there!

Long COVID Reset Summit

35+ Hours of Free Webinars & Interviews/Optional Paid Content

Join the conversation with 17 industry experts and learn about all the latest developments in Long COVID and vaccine injury research, diagnosis, and treatments.

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