Recover Coaching Program

Dr. Syed Haider’s Recover Coaching Program

Are you suffering from Long COVID, or suspect you may be? Have you been dealing with unexplained symptoms for weeks or months?

Dr. Syed Haider here. I have something very special I want to share with you. You no longer have to suffer the effects of Long COVID, thanks to my life-changing RECOVER Coaching Program.

I successfully treated myself for Long Haul COVID and I’ve created the RECOVER Coaching Program to help you get your life back.

After catching COVID while working in a hospital at the very beginning of the pandemic, I had symptoms that lingered for months. I had trouble sleeping, anxiety, fatigue, and even a short temper. This was back in 2020 before we really knew what Long COVID was. I used what I had learned in treating patients and combined that with elements of functional medicine and classical Chinese medicine to heal myself. Over time I have found that prescription medication and supplements help many of my patients – but more often, lifestyle changes are necessary to get you back to full, vibrant health.

So I decided to put together the RECOVER program, and connect people with a personal health coach from my own team.

This program includes-

  • Safe, gentle exercises to help you regain strength and mobility (low cardio, low impact, exercises safe for Long Haul patients) because vigorous exercise can trigger or worsen Long Haul symptoms
  • A histamine-free dietary plan (I’ll give you a list of foods to avoid, which includes not only high-histamine foods but also histamine liberators and DAO blockers, which prevent histamine reduction)
  • RECOVER supplement plan

You will have access to your own personal health coach. They will guide and encourage you through the RECOVER process and lifestyle changes based on the guidelines that I successfully followed in my own recovery.

Sign up today to reserve your spot in this special program and recover your happiness and health!

At your service,
Dr. Syed Haider

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