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Emergency Antibiotics

Arm yourself and your family with a personalized supply of emergency antibiotics! This protocol has numerous use cases, including-

  • Traveling Abroad
  • Enjoying outdoor activities that take you to remote,off-the-grid locations
  • Emergency Stockpile in case of Natural disasters, War, Bioterror, and other disruptions to the supply chain


We can provide you with a 6-week backup supply of your regular chronic medications.

Free yourself from the supply chain and government dependence.

When disaster strikes, conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune disease, and others won’t wait for things to get better, and you can’t either!

COVID Protocols

Prevention • Treatment • Long Haul

Protocols for treating and preventing COVID, long COVID, and vax injuries

We provide off-label medications, and our record speaks for itself: thousands of patients, zero deaths.

Featuring Immunity Vitamins available for purchase now!

mygotostack Immunity Vitamins contain a specially formulated blend of 100% naturally sourced, Non-GMO ingredients. They are GMP certified and one-hundred-percent vegan. When taking the recommended daily dosage, *no side effects were reported.

When stored in a cool, dry place away from direct exposure to light, mygotostack products will last up to 2 years from the packaging date.

mygotostack Immunity Vitamins formula is a proprietary blend of immunity-boosting ingredients, including-

  • Vitamin D3 sourced from hand-harvested lichen
  • Vitamin C sourced from non-GMO Vegetables.
  • Pure Elemental Zinc
  • Vitamin K2 sourced from fermented soybeans (natto)
  • Quercetin sourced from pagoda flowers
  • Bromelain sourced from pineapples
That’s it! mygotostack Contains Absolutely No Fillers or Preservatives

*Please consult with your doctor before taking any new medications, or supplements


All medications will be prescribed based on your personal medical history and are solely for the use of the person whose name is on the prescription.

Everyone needs a personal medical expert online.