You’ve been Sick too long

You’ve tried too much without success

Finally get deep healing that lasts

You’ve been Sick
too long

You’ve tried too much without success

Finally get deep healing that lasts


Introducing The Hakim

The best recommendation I can give as a physician myself, is that I trusted Hakim Shabaz with the health of my own severely ill parents. 

I know other conventional medical doctors and scientists who have done the same. 

He has a remarkably high success rate with severe chronic illnesses up to and including end stage cancer, because he understands deep underlying root causes like no one else. 

If you’re ready to really heal in the most profound ways possible, then talk to Hakim Shabaz.

Go Beyond the Buzzwords

Many just give lip service to practicing Functional, Integrative and Holistic Healthcare.

Hakim Shabaz Ahmed is different.

He’s redefining the entire meaning of Modern Medicine by actually implementing the heart and soul of real healing. 

It’s impossible to adequately describe in words alone.

Experience True Wisdom​

Hakim means wise man and healer. 

A real healer requires wisdom drawn not only from experience with patients, but from a journey of personal growth.

Hakim Shabaz has both. 

He sees what others don’t, knows what to do when, and most importantly inspires patients to lasting change.

Know the Cause

Explore the deeply interconnected physical, energetic, mental, emotional, willful, philosophical and spiritual levels contributing to your illness.

Diagnostics begin with a simple conversation and can extend to lab work, imaging, and applied kinesiology.

Effect The Solution

Get a custom tailored path to wellness that takes equal inspiration from ancient wisdom and modern science.

Customized plans often include:

Radical dietary modification
Herbal remedies
Deep detox
Targeted physical activity
Neural retraining
Trauma therapy
Energy balancing
Philosophical regrounding and more

Avoid Recurrence

Physical interventions alone lead to superficial or temporary improvement and ultimately make your lingering or resurgent illness more difficult to uproot.

Begin with the end in mind: go to the core of the problem, and address it at every level with a different kind of doctor.

In Your Words

Carolina A

With his holistic, well-rounded approach … my issues began to subside one after the other. I sleep better, feel better, experience more focus … don’t battle with OCD thoughts as I used to, have more energy & drive to get things done, can breathe better & can enjoy being outdoors without worrying about my allergies & have an overall increased positive outlook on life … I no longer receive immunology treatment, have discontinued all pharmaceuticals since … am managing perfectly fine without them … & am on a bright and promising journey to a higher quality health & life.

N Abraham

I lost my first 11kgs (24.2lb) in less than 12 days. It gave me more confidence. Then, after a month, my leaky gut symptoms started to disappear. My weight loss was rapid. I feared that I might end up having loose or scarred skin. But my skin was glowing. I never felt this great even when I was in my teenage years. I had a lot of energy and positivity. My memory became sharp. And with his continuous motivation and advice, by the end of the 3rd month, I lost a total of 28kgs (61.6lb).

Aisha A - former Stage 4 breast cancer patient

I suffered dramatically from chemotherapy to the extent I couldn’t rise on my feet semi-paralyzed with pain in every corner of my body…in less than few months … my body revived … My diet became healthier and my weight better without the need to exercise. Even my bones as if God brought it to life.

I no longer complain of osteoporosis, shaking hands, pail face or weakness and heaviness … I recovered and returned back to my normal life overcoming the side effects of chemotherapy. And, to the contrary, it felt that I never got sick in the first place.

Doctors were astonished that the lump had disappeared and how I was treated to the extent that they redid my tests and found I was completely cured.

Z Iman - former cancer patient

Upon being diagnosed with breast cancer, I sought out Dr. Shabaz after hearing his interview ... Following his advice, I chose not to undergo chemotherapy. It has been two years since completing my treatment with him, and I am now cured and enjoying the best of health.

Atif R Khan - Managing Director, Ethica Institute

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitus … I consulted three naturopathic doctors and five allopathic doctors, trying everything to avoid surgery and regain my sense of smell ... My diet was already clean and overall fitness level acceptable, so I focused on natural remedies rather than the harmful antibiotics often prescribed. All told, I tried a netipot with saline rinses every night (1 year); Maffetone ketogenic diets (twice); elimination diets separately for dairy (40 days), gluten (40 days), and wheat (40 days); allergy testing; natural plant extracts; and homeopathy.

Last year I turned to Hakim Shabaz. At first I noticed nothing, but then weeks into the remedy I began to breathe normally and smell foods. My nose went from 90% blockage to 10% blockage over the course of time. Elevated lipids declined to the lowest level in years, skin cleared, fat burning improved, and energy levels increased. While quick-fix conventional medicine only relocates chronic problems, Hakim Shabaz … eliminates them

M Majali - Father of an ex-autistic child

My son encountered behavioral challenges, displaying traits associated with ADHD and autism. He faced difficulties with toilet training and exhibited highly challenging behaviors … we consulted Dr. Shahbaz, who advised a strict dietary regimen, therapies and additional supplementation. Remarkably, the implementation of this new regimen led to noticeable improvements. Within a month, my son achieved toilet training, and his behavioral issues began to diminish. After four months of following the regimen, his speech development showed significant progress. Currently, he continues his therapies alongside the prescribed diet and regimen, and I'm thrilled to report that my son has made remarkable strides in closing the developmental gap.

H O Habshi

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer was tough, but finding Dr. Hakim Shabaz was like finding a beacon of hope in the storm. His expertise and kindness have been amazing. Thanks to him, I'm on the path to recovery with a newfound sense of hope. I'm so grateful for his care and would recommend him to anyone facing prostate cancer or any urological issue. Dr. Shabaz isn't just a doctor; he's a true healer who changed my life.

Dr. Karim Gabor Kocsenda

Dr Shabaz has treated several of our friends and family, some with chronic and life-threatening conditions declared medically impossible to deal with, successfully. I fully endorse his protocols and holistic approach to healing by integrating the human being into Divine wholeness and balance, because of the immensely positive impact it has had on my life and the lives of those around me. May God bless and reward him immensely.

Dr. Asma Rahman, MD, Gynecology and Obstetrics, DGO, in-vitro fertilization

I am writing this testimonial to verify as a retired Gynaecologist that Hakim Shabaz Ahmed’s methodology for treating long-term chronic diseases have been extremely beneficial for patients and my own family members. My son took the treatment to address long-term chronic kidney disease with a low GFR reading. He was then told to consider dialysis and a possible kidney transplant in the next year by a leading Nephrologist. We consulted Hakim Shabaz and he listed the reasons why neither dialysis nor a kidney transplant will be a good option moving forward. He listed the various reasons why he held that view and I understood clearly what his point of view was. With an open mind me and my son wanted to give this a try as so far secular medication did not really affect the GFR it continued getting worse. Once the treatment plan was given especially in the beginning it was a very strict regiment which was difficult ... however with perseverance and trial and error my son was able to stick to it for longer and longer periods of time. Eventually his body became used to it and we found the GFR did not decrease any further, stabilised and ... even increased. It worked and we started to make the treatment plan part of our everyday life. My son has continued his consultation and we implement the advice strictly. This is truly a holistic approach to treatment as it addresses the root causes of all diseases namely what we put into our body which is often the hardest thing for patients to change.

Mahmoud Sharif, Type 1 Diabetes, ADHD, OCD, Social anxiety disorder

I want to thank Dr, Shabaz for his work and effort with me. I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 20 years ago and I was struggling with my diet and nutrition using very high dose of Insulin. His program helped me decrease my total dosage daily from 76 units to 18 units !!. Still working on reducing it further. It enhanced my body, my digestive system and brain function. I feel renewed in all aspects , as if I have a new body , with more clarity of thought , more strength and power, even the mindset has changed alot from being lazy and unproductive to a super productive person. and alot more, I can't find words to thank him and express my appreciation for what he did for me.

Rehan Rashid Snober, Pediatric Asthma, Allergies and Weight Management

As someone who has relied on alternative medicine for almost 2 decades, I thought I was familiar with many holistic approaches and had been able to raise my 5 children pretty much without antibiotics or allopathic medicine. Then my youngest child (9 months old) was diagnosed with asthma and we were given no option except inhalers after several hospitalizations. I was referred to Hakim Shabaz and the distinct thing I remember was that he was extremely confident in his approach and said my son would be healed in 3 months.

The protocol we were given was not easy but we followed it meticulously as I was scared my son would have another attack and all the IVs and needle pricking and screaming of my baby at the hospitals had made me very fearful of another episode. Winter was the real test as that is when asthma attacks tend to occur; we had been on the diet for almost 6 months but he had no attacks during the winter or ever after that. Hakim Shabaz has become like our family physician and we have consulted him for a myriad of health issues like weight loss, gum infections, sleeping problems, and allergic reactions. He has a deep level of understanding of the human as a whole and the advice given is multifaceted and includes not only dietary adjustments but also identifies psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Amany Ghareeb, breast cancer

I am Amany Ghareeb one of Hakim Shabaz's patients. I suffered from breast cancer for 7 years with 3 surgeries 3 chemotherapy sessions and radiotherapy. I suffered from weakness in all my body. God sent me Hakim Shabaz to stop my chemotherapy and follow him in his unique care and faithfulness. I submit to his program which raised me from the bottom of dysfunction to the top of health physically, mentally , spiritually emotionally.I have a normal blood picture clear healthy body , whoever sees me does not believe my real age. May Allah bless him and raise him higher everyday to reach the ferdos in heaven.

A. Mustafa Zaareer - Breast Cancer, Depression and Anxiety

I've had two important experiences with Hakim Shabaz that made a big difference in my life.

The first one was ten years ago when I was really down because of some treatments I had that caused me to feel depressed. Hakim gave me some great advice and recipes. Thanks to this change, my anxiety, stress, and depression got much better.

The second experience was with my sister who had breast cancer. After her first breast was removed and she had chemotherapy, the cancer came back in her other breast. Instead of doing more of the same treatments, she decided to try something different and went to Hakim Shabaz. She followed his program, and after just three months, tests showed that her other breast was completely cancer-free.

This kind of knowledge is really important. It shows us a new way of looking at medicine that doesn't rely on chemicals and is more in tune with what our bodies need.

Dr. Alia Sarwar, MD General Practitioner Brain Cancer/Tumor

Our first contact with Hakim Shahbaz was in 2018 when my husband was unable to tolerate chemotherapy for his recently diagnosed large oligodendroglioma (brain tumor). Surgical resection or debulking of the tumor was not an option due to the very high risks in view of its location and size. He had struggled through the exhaustive list of side effects including fatigue, weakened immunity, weight loss, and nausea brought on by radio and chemotherapy, the latter which had to be abandoned due to the detrimental effects it had on his health. We didn’t know what to expect at first when we spoke to Hakim Shahbaz, but over the last 6 years, we have not looked back.

The protocol he recommended was eye-opening to say the least and though it required a lot of preparation, determination, support, and will power at first, within days to weeks, he began to regain his health, strength, immunity, and vigour. As his protocol became a daily routine his energy levels grew, he became healthier and was exercising regularly like he had never done before, and his next scan showed the tumour to have reduced in size.

His approach is one which is paramount in the day and age we find ourselves in, and one which deep down, we all know, we cannot ignore.

Sayyidah Umm Salem (Sayyidah Umm Salem Habbabah Noor - Wife of His Eminence Shaykh Habib Umar Bin Hafiz, Tarim)

Praise be to God, who said, "And when I am ill, it is He who cures me." May blessings and peace be upon the noblest of prophets and messengers, the healer and remedy of hearts, the health and cure of bodies, and the light and illumination of eyes, and upon his family and companions.

To proceed: We extend our sincere thanks to the blessed doctor, Shabaz. We praise God for guiding us to him, as we have greatly benefited from his treatment. His approach to healing aligns with our preferences for using natural herbs and remedies, detoxifying the body from harmful substances, and avoiding chemical medications.

We have found his treatment method to yield excellent results, with improvements in health, body purification, weight loss, and other benefits. May God reward him abundantly, benefit the people through him, and grant goodness through his hands. Ameen.


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